Guristas Clone Soldier Transporter

With the advent of clone soldiers, a new breed of pirate has arisen to take advantage of their existence. CONCORD, which had been content to leave the pirates be so long as they remained within their own territories, sees the presence of pirate-affiliated clone soldiers as a major threat to the safety of the cluster, and will go to extraordinary means to disrupt their operations.

This Guristas pirate is a transporter, responsible for the swift conveyance of clone soldiers to their intended destination. With the Guristas those destinations tend to be areas so thoroughly abundant in danger, shrouded in uncertainty, and densely populated with enemy numbers that even the most hotheaded pirate faction in the cluster still hesitates to enter the fray with anything less than immortal soldiers.

  • structure
  • 235 m³


  • 10100000 kg


  • 101000m³ packaged