Angel Clone Soldier Recruiter

With the advent of clone soldiers, a new breed of pirate has arisen to take advantage of their existence. CONCORD, which had been content to leave the pirates be so long as they remained within their own territories, sees the presence of pirate-affiliated clone soldiers as a major threat to the safety of the cluster, and will go to extraordinary means to disrupt their operations.

This Angel Cartel pirate is a recruiter, in charge of scouting vulnerable areas - remote planets, isolated outposts, interstellar colonies and other places that hold human life - with the aim of bringing in new recruits for the pirates' clone soldier programs. The Cartel are always trying to perfect their technologies, the clone soldier program included, and need new people to test their theories on.

  • structure
  • 120 m³


  • 10900000 kg


  • 109000m³ packaged