NEO YC 114: Guiding Hand Social Club

One of twenty-seven different cards created for the first ever New Eden Open tournament of YC 114. While not the first ever capsuleer tournament it was the first of its kind to be sponsored by a private media organization and broadcast to a much larger audience. It was also set a new benchmark for prizes in a capsuleer tournament.

The New Eden Open broke the tradition of previous capsuleer tournaments by allowing teams to form at will, without the need to be bound to the same alliance.

This card represents the following team and sponsor:
Team Name: Guiding Hand Social Club
Sponsor Name: No team sponsor.

Team Captain:
Tyrrax Thorrk

Team Members:
Bunnehrawr Rawr
Istvaan Shogaatsu
Kumq uat
Zeraph Dregamon

Can you collect them all?

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