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SPZ-3 "Torch" Laser Sight Combat Ocular Enhancer (right/black)

The product of a collaborative effort between the State Protectorate and Zainou, the "Torch" is already seeing adoption in military circles, where it functions as a precision-guidance tool for a covert class of sharpshooters working either in low-light conditions or with explosive ordinance.

Surprisingly, it has also seen increased adoption by other sections of the warfaring population, even cropping up among capsuleers. Superstition has already bound to it in use in orbital bombardment; there is no practical reason to believe that it actually aids in the process, but capsuleers have sworn that it helps ensure the precision-point contact necessary for successful bombardment and the ensuing explosive ignition of the correct groups of people.

  • structure
  • 0.1m³ packaged