Captain Scane Essyn

Scane Essyn worked alongside Serpentis Officer Brynn Jerdola at the Federal Intelligence Office for many years. As one of the few close enough to her to be aware of her mission to infiltrate the Serpentis hierarchy, he was often rumored to be her lover. Not long after it became widely acknowledged that Jerdola had defected, Essyn quietly slipped outside Federation borders and was next seen in the Wyvern Constellation, flanked by a fleet of Serpentis Vindicators. Whether he followed her lead in defecting -- or, indeed, was the reason for it happening -- remains unknown. Most likely this very issue is still an ongoing investigation inside the shadowy corridors of the FIO.

  • structure
  • 480 m³


  • 17500000 kg


  • 1140000m³ packaged