Captain Isoryn Ardorele

Formerly a Federation Navy commander, Isoryn Ardorele joined the Guristas Pirates for the simplest of reasons. While deployed inside Caldari borders on a reconnaissance operation for the Federation, Ardorele was targeted back home by State black ops soldiers who kidnapped her family and threatened to kill them if she didn't withdraw her forces. Against the orders of her superiors, Ardorele complied with the Caldari and was consequently labeled a traitor to the nation she had served for years. Although devastated by the decision, she was able to understand how it came to be. What she could not understand, however, was the death of her family at the hands of Caldari soldiers who, without any apparent thought or compassion, reneged on their end of the bargain.

Since that day, her mental wellbeing has come into question time and time again, since she engages in nothing short of genocide on the spacelanes. Keen to harness both her military knowledge and raw hatred for the Caldari people, Guristas leadership offered her a position overseeing their new narcotics operations near State borders. Ardorele is said to be completely uninterested in the booster side of things, but nobody can argue with the results of her security patrols. Her tendency to indiscriminately slaughter every Caldari that she comes across has meant that the curious stay well away.

  • structure
  • 235 m³


  • 19000000 kg


  • 22000000m³ packaged