Uehiro Katsen

Subject: Uehiro Katsen (ID: Pilot of modified Vindicator)
Military Specifications: Serpentis Commander
Additional Intelligence:Encounters with Uehiro Katsen have occurred with consistent frequency since YC 109. Every engagement has proven Katsen's vessel to be extremely resilient and armed beyond standard Serpentis fittings. Numerous capsuleers have reported success in eliminating the subject, yet the time between sightings is sometimes as low as several hours. It is unknown whether Katsen is himself an unregistered capsuleer, or merely a pseudonym worn by multiple crews.
Agent Cotlamaert Loffeuron, FIO.Authorized for capsuleer dissemination.

  • structure
  • 480 m³


  • 17500000 kg


  • 1140000m³ packaged