Elite Temperate Command Center

The modular design of this administrative structure allows it to be deployed piecemeal from orbit, then manually assembled on the surface by MTACs and engineering personnel. Supported by self-regulating pylons that follow the contours of indigenous terrain, the facility can accommodate almost any severity of incline or other non-critical geological hazard. Once active, it serves as both a central command post to coordinate the activity of all other nodes and a basic transportation site for getting commodities off world using standard, vertically launched rockets.

  • fitting
  • 19000

    Powergrid Output

  • 25415

    Cpu Output

  • structure
  • 500 m³


  • 5000 kg


  • 1600m³ packaged


  • miscellaneous
  • 5

    Meta Level

  • 11

    Planet Type Restriction

  • 3

    Export Tax

  • z 6 400 000.00

    Base Price

  • other
  • 5

    Required Skill 1Level