Standard Oceanic Command Center

Several interconnected underwater buildings comprise the oceanic command center, which serves as the nervous system for node structures built on water worlds. Built on the ocean floor, this facility includes a thick umbilical that connects it to a communications pod floating on the surface, through which all interplanetary transmissions are sent and received. It also houses a basic two-stage pressurized rocket tube for getting people and cargo to the surface and thence off world into orbit.

  • fitting
  • 12000

    Powergrid Output

  • 12136

    Cpu Output

  • structure
  • 500 m³


  • 5000 kg


  • 200m³ packaged


  • miscellaneous
  • 2

    Meta Level

  • 2014

    Planet Type Restriction

  • 3

    Export Tax

  • z 1 600 000.00

    Base Price

  • other
  • 2

    Required Skill 1Level