Elite Ice Command Center

This command structure is designed to survive in the harshest planetary environments the universe can offer. The superstructure uses a combination of titanium-steel reinforcement, increasing its overall resilience, and counter-harmonic stabilizers, which keep it level and secure regardless of geological conditions or activity. The entire facility is covered by a skin of adaptive plating originally designed for terraforming platforms, a protective barrier that insulates it from the surrounding environment. Visitors can expect a prolonged and immodest decontamination and pressurization process when first arriving at the command structure. Valuable materials are lifted off world by a bulk payload, reusable rocket, the scattered components of which are retrieved by cargo drones.

  • fitting
  • 19000

    Powergrid Output

  • 25415

    Cpu Output

  • structure
  • 500 m³


  • 5000 kg


  • 1600m³ packaged


  • miscellaneous
  • 5

    Meta Level

  • 12

    Planet Type Restriction

  • 3

    Export Tax

  • z 6 400 000.00

    Base Price

  • other
  • 5

    Required Skill 1Level