The Khumaak (literally "Hand of Maak") is a replica of an ancient Amarrian relic used 125 years ago by a Minmatar slave to kill his master, thereby sparking a revolt on Arzad II (also known as Starkman Prime). This revolt, while precipitating the almost total annihilation of the Starkmanir Minmatar tribe, has in historical retrospect come to be credited as one of the seminal events in the larger Minmatar uprising. The weapon itself is a three-foot rod with a spiked solar disc on the top, the design of the original relic believed to date back to the pre-Reclaiming era of Amarrian prophet Dano Geinok. It isn't believed to have been intended as a weapon originally, but as a rod of command for high-ranking members of the Amarrian Conformist clergy.

  • structure
  • 2 kg


  • 0.3m³ packaged


  • miscellaneous
  • z 10 000.00

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