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Name Type Corporation Solar system
n/a Aakeo Oshaima Event Mission n/a Wiyrkomi Corporation
n/a Aakio Elakarppi Basic n/a Caldari Provisions Kusomonmon
security: 0.85
n/a Aakiwa Idakara Basic n/a Kaalakiota Corporation Ziona
security: 0.63
n/a Aanu Munatoh Basic n/a CBD Corporation Oppold
security: 0.67
n/a Aariken Metkima Basic n/a Lai Dai Protection Service Notoras
security: 0.19
n/a Aariwa Isera* Basic n/a Prompt Delivery Geras
security: 0.65
n/a Aarunpanen Arta Basic n/a Modern Finances Oursulaert
security: 0.89
n/a Ababa Ilnan Basic n/a Carthum Conglomerate Adia
security: 0.67
n/a Abail Pohla Basic n/a Shapeset G1VU-H
security: -0.01
n/a Abake Paunssy Basic n/a FedMart Isenan
security: 0.25
n/a Abake Scech Basic n/a Impetus Eust
security: 0.68
n/a Abanen Artaya Basic n/a Caldari Business Tribunal Aldrat
security: 0.62
n/a Abata Kojelainen* Basic n/a Expert Distribution Josameto
security: 0.58
n/a Abazeluc Cameruet Basic n/a Jovian Directorate PBXG-A
security: -0.05
n/a Abbagur Sikenwik Basic n/a Core Complexion Inc. Chamja
security: 0.43
n/a Abbalvar Onabemur Basic n/a Thukker Mix Ibaria
security: 0.73
n/a Abber Defurman Basic n/a Impetus Stetille
security: 0.91
n/a Abei Alanushi* Factional Warfare n/a State Protectorate Enaluri
security: 0.33
n/a Abian Serira* Basic n/a Ministry of Internal Order Polfaly
security: 0.83
n/a Abin Turavanon* Basic n/a Pend Insurance Vaini
security: 0.23
n/a Abina Bagulosi Basic n/a Vherokior Tribe Hrokkur
security: 0.30
n/a Abins Apere Research n/a CreoDron Bittanshal
security: 0.48
n/a Abokaipia Kusoni Basic n/a Zero-G Research Firm Aunenen
security: 0.45
n/a Abora Poikka Basic n/a Caldari Business Tribunal Gare
security: 0.13
has locator services *